Breakfast Time | My Shetland

Breakfast Time | My Shetland

As the sun rises, Floss and I are out feeding the Icelandic horses –  three oldies and one not-so-oldie (20 yo).  Floss is on guard duty and I have the carrots for afterwards. No one is allowed to steal someone else’s bucket.

The buckets are sort of colour-coded so I know who is getting what.

Pepper obviously comes too because she is a girl on a mission.

The vacuum cleaner!

We don’t encourage Ted into the field. He is not brilliant around the horses but happy enough to be where we can keep an eye on him.  He potters about knowing the rules.

Pepper is obviously very busy.

I must admit Floss and I both held our breath when we saw Pepper approach Kolka. We didn’t know how she would react so, of course, she did nothing.

Like I said, girl on a mission but easily distracted by the voices in the wall!

They talks to her!

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Breakfast Time | My Shetland

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