Bert’s Happy Tail | My Shetland

Bert’s Happy Tail | My Shetland

Some sheep wag their tails when they are happy.

If I don’t see Bert’s “happy tail” every morning, then my day is ruined.  Bert wags it when I scratch him on his back, then I say out loud “there it is” and I can happily continue with my day.  That’s the routine.  It works.  If I don’t see it, I might as well feed everyone and then crawl back under my rock.

Edna and Maggie wag their tails too – it is a leftover thing from being a lamb, I think.  Lambie rarely wags his tail.  It’s not his thing. It is most definitely Bert’s thing, though and it makes me smile every time.  Actually anyone wagging their tail will result in happiness.

Today was a Duvet Day.  Ster hurt his back leg a few days ago so refused to go out to the field and I didn’t make him.  Maybe rest will do him good, I thought.  His leg is getting better every day and he has had painkillers.  The Boyzens and Girlzen-Berries all enjoyed their mooching day not doing much with the exception of possibly some begging at my front door.  I don’t mind. I am she-who-dishes-out-food.  That’s my title in life.


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Bert’s Happy Tail | My Shetland

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