Antioch Animal Services Rescues Dog Stuck in Canal


On Thursday, the Antioch Animal Services responded to a report of a dog in the canal in the City of Antioch.

According to Animal Services, they received the call from a “good Samaritan” who let them know about a stray dog who got stock in the canal. This comes after the past two weeks, Animal Services had been receiving calls of a pair of “scruffies” who had been run around the vicinity of the Twin Creeks Apartments on James Donlon Boulevard.

They say a citizen was able to secure on of the animals and bring them into their care at Animal Services (now up for adoption). The second, was not caught and would run away from anyone approaching him.

On Thursday, the dog trapped himself by falling down into the canal and luckily getting wedged in the framework of the bridge. CCWD Canal Safety provided our ACOs with access and trendy blue life jackets and they worked together, slowly and precisely to secure this terrified boy and avoid him falling into the water or injuring himself.

All of our lost/found and adoptable pets are listed at, filter by zip 94509.

Adoption fees are waived during April thanks to Antioch Friends of Animal Services. Check out comments for this scruffy’s adoptable “twin”.

Antioch Animal Services Rescues Dog Stuck in Canal

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