Animal cruelty is skyrocketing and change should be made soon

Animal cruelty is skyrocketing and change should be made soon

Believe it or not, but the total number of humans killed in every war ever recorded is 1.64 billion people. That figure is the same amount of animals killed every 2 days for human consumption. If we killed humans at the same rate we kill animals for food, the entire population would be gone in 17 days. All 7.9 billion of us.

The meat industry is not exactly healthy for the environment either as it leads to heavy pollution, ocean dead zones, extinction and world hunger. How is it that we, as a society, are able to overfeed billions of livestock daily but not able to feed 690 million starving people across the world? 


The problem is that humans have victimised animals to such a degree that they are not even considered victims. They are not even considered at all. We have actually turned animals into inanimate objects like sandwiches and shoes. 


When it comes to violation of basic rights, humans are the biggest hypocrites. No one talks about making slavery, rape or terrorism more ‘humane’. So why do we talk about ‘humane slaughter’? There is no humane slaughter. It just doesn’t exist. Recently the Yulin dog eating festival came around again and there were multiple posts all over social media in hopes of raising enough awareness to put an end to it, however, what is strange is that not one person wanted the festival to be more humane or for them to use free-range or organic dogs. What’s the difference between a dog and a cow? They’re both animals with feelings, families and lives of their own. What’s the point of trying to stop the yulin festival when we’re doing the exact same thing, everyday of our lives.


 Our consumption of meat and dairy is stripping the earth of its resources. Rainforests are burned to their core, so that land can be cleared for cows. Crops are given to farm animals while people go hungry.  Animal agriculture is the number one polluter and consumer for clean water and you’d be surprised to know that by giving up one hamburger, you save more water than giving up a year’s worth of showers. 


Every factory farmed animal is treated in ways that would be illegal if it were to a dog or cat. 

Whilst you might claim that being vegan or even vegetarian is extreme, ask yourselves why  when I was searching for how your food was produced I saw a graphic warning. If you wouldn’t throw a chicken into a shredder or if you wouldn’t slit a cow’s throat and watch it bleed to death in front of its own child, then why do you pay someone else to do it for you? 


Some may argue that meat tastes so good and they won’t be able to live without it.  If meat tastes so delicious then why isn’t it consumed raw and unseasoned? Eat a hamburger or steak without cooking it, without salt and pepper and then tell me that meat tastes good. But you won’t, you can’t because you find that the taste you like is coming from the plant’s seasoning, not the animal’s bodies.


If cows use their strength against humans like a rhino, we wouldn’t be hanging them upside down and cutting their throats. If chickens were like eagles we wouldn’t be tossing them into cages in large numbers. It’s only because they are gentle and trusting in us that we take advantage of them and kill them. What does that say about us? Animals don’t own anything apart from its life yet we still manage to steal it. Only when the last of the animal’s horns, tusks, skin and bones are sold to man, then we will realise that money and taste will never bring back our wildlife.


Meat has to be kept in the fridge or else it will rot. Your body is not a fridge. As soon as the meat goes in your body it will start rotting immediately. Have any of you actually thought about the damage you’re doing to your own body? We eat animals only to get all these health problems like heart diseases, cancer and diabetes then we experiment on more animals to try and cure it. We call ourselves the most intelligent species, yet we are all brainwashed by a single industry that claims you, a fully developed adult, has the same nutritional needs as a baby cow or a lion.


So I’m vegan for the female cows who are artificially inseminated, then have their babies taken away to their death. For the chickens who are debeaked and forced into small cages, for the cows who are too sick to walk themselves to their own slaughter, for the male chickens who are tossed into the grinder alive and for the foxes who are skinned alive for fur.


A meal for us only lasts for a few minutes but that meal has cost the animal their entire life. Life shouldnt have a price. 

Animal cruelty is skyrocketing and change should be made soon

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