A False Spring Day | My Shetland

A False Spring Day | My Shetland

It was lovely today.  Blue sky and not a breath of wind.  Just perfect.

Days like these are called a False Spring – The term ‘false spring’ refers to a period in late winter or early spring when temperatures become unusually warm, before suddenly growing cold again. During a false spring, the warm weather can ‘trick’ vegetation into coming out of dormancy – LawnWeedExpert.co.uk

But even so, one day is better than nothing and the snowdrops are out.  Woohoo!

Monster was around, doing his Japanese cat thing (look at the picture by Utagawa Hiroshige 歌川広重 – I gave everyone this picture for Christmas!

The daffs thinking about appearing, which makes sense because we have a Force 11 approaching fast so they will more than likely be blown to bits and probably never flower.

It’s a bit touch and go this time of year but we are all happily lulled into a false sense of security and make the most of days like these.

Ted was around too.

Monster was plotting his downfall.

Still, even if the nice weather is brief, it was very beautiful.

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A False Spring Day | My Shetland

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